Monday, 18 July 2011


I'm really, really sorry that I haven't posted for a while...

You see what happened was my dad went out to a science fair, but took a wrong turning and ended up as a prisoner in an enchanted castle, and when I went to find him I decided to take his place, and... no wait, that wasn't me.

What actually happened was that I fell in love. With a Prince. Only I had to make a pact with a sea witch in which I exchanged my voice for a pair of legs and spent the last few days loitering about town trying to get the Prince to kiss me, but then the sea witch started playing dirty and... no wait, that wasn't me either.

If you've read a lot of this blog you'll probably know that I spent a lot of time last year in and out of hospital, and a lot more time feeling really sorry for myself being in and out of hospital. And that's kinda the reason why I've been so slack with this blog recently - not because I've been back in hospital, oh no, I'm steering well clear of that place this summer. But because I felt like I missed out on so much last year that I'm really trying to make up for it this year by saying YES to every social event I'm invited to (unless I'm already doing something equally social that day) - the problem being that doing stuff takes time. So much time. And you know what else takes time... work. Plus I'm taking advantage of physically being able to do stuff again and trying to regain some level of fitness by exercising 3 evenings a week. And I don't mean exercise like having a go on the wii fit, I mean exercise like physically going to the gym and swimming half a mile or spending an hour jumping around like a loony (I LOVE Zumba!), and unfortunately, that also takes time.

So between working full time, exercising and being overly sociable, I simply haven't had the time to myself to sit down and type up the blog posts for the past couple of cakes. And for that I apologise - despite all of that prattle above, the only excuse I really have is that I AM MEGA LAME!

But I have a bit of time tonight (after making dinner and before going swimming...!) so I'll get to typing - the Bolt post will be with you on Wednesday, and The Princess and the Frog with you the following Wednesday. There may be a little break between that and Tangled, because of various people being away we've had to change Disney Night from being a weekly thing to being a "when most people are in the country" thing. But I promise I'll get the Tangled post to you as soon as I'm able to, and definitely before 16th August (when I take my own holiday! woop!)

So, my friends, until Wednesday... Happy Thoughts!


  1. Where is Tangled? I can't find it. It is January now. Have you uploaded it?

    1. Here it is:

      Better late then ever, right?

      There will be a couple of "extra" posts over the next week too so do check back!

      Happy thoughts

  2. Hi Anony M!

    It's been a while since I've been on here. Tangled isn't up yet... unfortunately a close family member passed away in August which took me out of normality for a while, and then I just never got around to writing it. It's funny you should comment, bcause I actually started drafting the Tangled post last weekend, after thinking, well shoot, I really am rather late with that one! Hopefuly I'll e able to get it up this weekend, so watch this space!

    Thanks for the push!